Investing in Distribution Infrastructure to Increase Reliability

Newcastle receives a state-of-the-art substation

Wilmot substation in Newcastle was small, aging and nearly at its loading capacity. The new substation (shown above) has sufficient capacity to carry Newcastle’s entire load should the town’s second substation be off line for any reason. The station was built to accommodate automated “smart” technology that is currently used on Veridian’s network, as well as easily incorporate enhancements planned for the future. The ultimate beneficiaries are Newcastle customers, who receive a state-of-the art system that will perform reliably for decades to come.

Second transformer added to Pickering Beach substation in south Ajax

Wisely, the substation had been built with the knowledge that a second unit would be required in the future, so it was able to accept the second transformer easily and in a reduced time frame. Each unit is capable of carrying the station’s entire load on its own. Today, Ajax customers can feel confident that in the future they will be well looked after.

2013 sees two-year underground cable replacement project wrap up in south-west Ajax

Mature cables were beginning to experience failures, resulting in longer-term or “sustained” outages for area residents. Solid construction practices, clear and frequent communication, fair and consistent treatment of residents, and the use of a highly competent contractor to complete the upgrade, were the critical keys to success.