Building today with tomorrow always in mind

Relocating infrastructure to make way for  Durham Rapid Transit (DRT) provides opportunity  to improve reliability and safety

Veridian has approached infrastructure relocations required for DRT’s first bus-only lane and on-road buffered bicycle lane along Highway 2 in Ajax (shown above) with the same “building today with tomorrow in mind” philosophy. Where cost-effective, the utility is installing taller poles that have room for expanded circuits if required in the future. Taller poles also allow for increased clearances between wires. This helps prevent outages due to animal interference and provides safer working conditions for line crews. Unlike the company’s work for the Highway 407 ETR expansion – which is taking place in a largely undeveloped area – DRT’s relocations require working around existing property lines, cemeteries and off-kilter intersections. “At times, it’s like moving a large couch into a small apartment,” says Peter Petriw, Veridian’s Vice President of Engineering. “You’ve got to figure out the angles and tip it just right to get it around tight corners. It takes a different kind of planning, design and construction which is more complicated in today’s utility world.”

The Highway 407 ETR extension represents the largest infrastructure relocation project in Veridian’s history

Given the project’s ambitious timeline, the utility assigned significant resources so its portion of the work could be completed on time and on budget. The work involves detailed planning and coordination with the Ministry of Transportation, project consultants, contractors and other utilities. Come 2014, Veridian will be installing more steel poles – these ones soaring to 105 feet – to safely carry lines over the new highway. As part of road construction, the company will be installing underground ducts that will allow circuits to be added in the future to supply additional capacity for planned development north of the toll road.

 The Seaton field of dreams in Pickering becomes a reality

The Seaton development in north-central Pickering requires Veridian to begin the substantial planning required to ensure electrical infrastructure can meet future need. It is estimated that the new community will see an impressive 1,500 new connections a year for seven years starting in 2016. Veridian is doing its homework to ensure that when the new community is finally powered up, all the electrical infrastructure will be in place and it’s literally as simple as closing a switch to bring power to the new residents of this community.

Helping build a better Belleville

When one of its municipalities has big dreams, Veridian is there to help the dreams come true. That’s certainly the case in Belleville, where an ambitious infrastructure renewal program called Build Belleville is widening roads, replacing water mains, upgrading parks and pouring sidewalks throughout the city. Veridian, as a responsive partner and highly capable problem solver, is working with the city and all stakeholders to relocate poles and wires that are in the way of development. The utility is also enhancing the electrical system in a cost-effective and prudent manner, supporting the municipality’s dreams of a brighter future.