About Us

Veridian Corporation and its business subsidiaries are corporations registered under the Ontario Business Corporations Act. Veridian is one of Ontario’s largest, best performing electricity distribution companies with a track record of successful mergers and acquisitions.

We are committed to providing reliable, efficient and sustainable energy services to our customers while delivering optimal return on investment to our shareholders and promoting economic grown in the communities we serve. Our vision is to be unsurpassed in providing innovative energy solutions that are the cornerstone for creating the sustainable communities of tomorrow.

Veridian’s key business goals are to:

  • Grow and improve the electricity distribution system
  • Diversify the business
  • Optimize operation efficiency and effectiveness
  • Strengthen the organization
  • Provide industry leadership

Veridian is owned by four shareholders: the City of Pickering (41.0%), the Town of Ajax (32.1%), the Municipality of Clarington (13.6%),
and the City of Belleville (13.3%). These progressive communities set out to establish an energy company that would deliver low cost, high reliability service to support quality of life and economic growth. Veridian remains committed to that vision.