2019 Board of Directors

Photos coming soon.

The Boards of Directors of Veridian Corporation and Veridian Connections provide leadership to these entities by overseeing the companies’ operations, establishing business practices, policies and strategic goals, and helping to guide management decisions.

The Board of Directors of Veridian Corporation also fulfills these functions with respect to the Corporation’s other subsidiaries.

Members of Veridian Corporation’s Board of Directors are as follows:

Adrian FosterChair
Mayor, Municipality of Clarington

Kevin AsheVice Chair
Regional Councillor Ward 1, City of Pickering

Murray Angus
Business Manager, Children’s Mental Health Services

Ron Chatterton C.Dir
Niche Advantage Consulting Ltd.

Shaun Collier C.Dir
Mayor, Town of Ajax

Joanne Dies
Regional Councillor Ward 3, Town of Ajax

Karen Fisher C.Dir
Independent Corporate Director

James Macpherson C.Dir
Licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy

Mitch Panciuk
Mayor, City of Belleville

David Pickles
Regional Councillor Ward 3, City of Pickering

Dave Ryan
Mayor, City of Pickering